If you are in the market for waterfront property, you may be interested in it for one of several reasons; for vacation purposes, as your primary residence, because you want a retirement home, or as an investment opportunity. Each of these real estate options has slightly different considerations that you will want to bear in mind.

Many people first consider buying waterfront real estate for vacation purposes. Perhaps you have taken yearly vacations at a prime piece of waterfront real estate, be it on a river, a lake, beside a mountain creek, or next to the ocean. Maybe you find yourself counting the days until you can return to your waterfront vacation spot. You have no interest in trying any other location for your trip-you want to return to your favorite spot. If so, this is a good time to consider buying waterfront real estate. Next time you’re on vacation, talk to a real estate agent in the town or resort area you like to visit and see if you can’t get going on buying your own little piece of waterfront real estate heaven.

But maybe you own a vacation home and the one or two weeks you spend there isn’t enough anymore. Do you find yourself dreaming of that waterfront home in the months before you can return? Are you plotting weekend escapes to that waterfront property you love so much? Then perhaps its time to consider buying waterfront real estate for your primary residence. Your current vacation home may well make the switch gracefully, but you will need to consider carefully if you can imagine yourself living there day today. Are the appliances and amenities updated? You might be willing to tolerate an outmoded range and the lack of a microwave in a vacation cabin, but not in a primary residence. Is your vacation real estate large enough to sustain daily living? An honest appraisal of your current needs and whether your vacation home will provide it can go a long way towards making the transition to waterfront living a breeze.

Many people love the idea of waterfront living, but aren’t willing to make the sacrifices it might entail-long commutes, living away from the city, lack of cultural opportunities. If this is you, perhaps you will consider buying that waterfront real estate for your retirement. Once you no longer have a job to report to daily, the idea of living a bit away from the hustle and bustle takes on more appeal. With retirement, life slows down a bit, and you’ll have time to appreciate your waterfront real estate-watching the seagulls swoop and dive, listening to the roar of the ocean, or perhaps dangling your feet off a deck into a cold mountain creek.

Finally, there is the option of buying real estate for investment purposes. It’s nearly a guarantee that the price of waterfront real estate is only going to escalate. Many’s the investor who wishes they had bought real estate years ago when prices seemed quaintly cheap. Those same properties which once upon a time were charmingly inexpensive are now worth a small fortune.

Whatever your desire in buying real estate, there are sure to be options that will fulfill your needs.


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