A big house is good. A big fat check for a salary is even better. A good life is better lived if we enjoy the big perks in life. We are grown accustomed to believing that the bigger the better.

An old adage that goes the bigger the better might not prove to be true at all times. The issue of obesity and overweight teenagers around the globe is getting to a rate that is hard to match by any other causes of morbidity. The conditions of obese and overweight teens are not getting any better either. In fact, statistics show that there are more youngsters who are living a difficult life because of health-related risks caused by obesity and overweight.

Teenagers are developing heart diseases, which hamper their ability to live a good life. Some are already showing early signs of hypertension and type-two diabetes. Having these diseases at an early age might be very difficult for them to handle. It curtails their chances of living the good life that they so deserve.

The health issue of obesity and overweight teenagers is the foremost concern among nutrition experts worldwide. The imminent effects of the increasing number of obese and overweight people are that in the next decade or two there will be more older people who will be suffering from stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases related to obesity. If this happens the family expenditure will be geared more on health acquisition and the maintenance of it.

The negative economic effect of an obese and overweight population is irreversible. This issue has not been given much thought by most people. The younger generation with mostly obese population will have to take the burden of the health expenditure of the older ones. If this continues, the effects could be more devastating.

The private and the public sectors alike are making their respective efforts to curb the debilitating effects brought by obesity and overweight teenagers. Health programs are now being promoted to help young individuals better informed of the dangers of having too much weight and the benefits of having and maintaining an ideal weight. Teenagers must be encouraged to engage in recreational and physical activities like sports or do light exercise. Visiting and dining at fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Kenny Rogers should be minimized. The fat intake from their food is a contributing factor to the increasing cases of obesity and overweight teenagers.

Having an ideal weight is something big, enjoying having one is even better. Now, one can finally say that life is truly beautiful.


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