The opportunities to overeat are everywhere these days. Someone is always bringing cakes to work to celebrate their birthday, their promotion, or their escape. Then there are all the family parties and other social occasions you enjoy (or have to attend). And these days even if you’re not in the company there’s food to tempt you everywhere you go. Fast food places are sprouting up on every corner and supermarkets greet you with the smell of baking as you walk in the door. So it’s undeniable that it’s harder than ever to avoid tempting food.

Yet we find excuses to eat too much all too readily, saying “I really shouldn’t” all the while grabbing the piece of chocolate cake on offer.

If you’ve ever been on a diet and not reached your target weight, you probably had excuse-making down to a fine art. After all, there’s a ready-made excuse for eating in any set of circumstances if you want to use it.

* Everyone else was having some

* It was there

* It looked so inviting

* It smelt so appetizing

* I was fed up

* I needed a break

* I was bored

* I had a really bad day

* I need something with a cup of tea

* I always have popcorn at the movies

* It’s Thanksgiving

* It’s Easter

* I had candy leftover from Halloween

* I’m on vacation

* It’s Christmas

* It’s my birthday

* It’s your birthday

There are as many reasons to eat too much as there are calories in a double cheeseburger. The question is do you put your energy into finding excuses why you ate too much? Or do you concentrate all your efforts on losing weight?

It’s really your decision.

There’s no rule that says you have to eat too much on ANY occasion. You can always choose to do something else: to eat just enough to satisfy and no more. You can decide to change your habits one day at a time until you no longer have the same psychological triggers to eat. And you can do this without being miserable and denying yourself everything.

It all comes down to how determined you are to reach your goal. If you’re not really focused on achieving your target weight, the excuses will win out time after time.

But if you are ready this time to lose those pounds and keep them off, you’ll find ways to get around the excuses most of the time rather than using them every time.

The difference between those people who lose weight and those who don’t is simply how many excuses they make.

Are you ready to lose the excuses and lose the weight?


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