Pregnancy is an exciting period in most women’s life where many obvious changes occur every day throughout the entire pregnancy, like the bulging of the tummy and those that only pregnant women feel, depression included. The overwhelming feeling of an infant growing in pregnancy is a huge source of happiness and anticipation for most women. But for a few, that particular feeling could be a source of certain types of depression.

Depression during pregnancy is a subject that is not commonly discussed. Although pregnancy depression can be triggered by pregnancy itself, it can be a previous condition of other forms of depression. This is why depression during pregnancy should be given immediate attention.

It has been known that hormones of pregnant women are raging throughout pregnancy causing mood swings and the tendency to cry easily. Serious feelings of being down should never be taken lightly. It is important that pregnant women be open about their feelings to their partners and doctors. Previous miscarriage, fertility treatments, family history of depression, and stressful events are some of the risk factors of depression during pregnancy.

If you feel depressed during pregnancy, refer to the following symptoms to see if you have one or more to confirm:

* Continuous feeling of sadness that you can’t easily shake out

* Have trouble going to sleep

* Loss of interest on things you once enjoyed doing

* Always feeling tired

* Negative thoughts of causing harm to yourself and/or to others

Always remember that the above-mentioned symptoms of possible depression during pregnancy could be a normal phase of being pregnant. However, if what you’re feeling becomes overwhelming, it could mean a more serious condition. Therefore, seeing your doctor will be a good idea even if it was just a suspicion in the first place.

Even if it is still mild, depression during pregnancy can be prevented such as talking to your partner and/or your doctor. Exercising regularly with close supervision of your doctor plus a healthy eating habit has a great effect on keeping you healthy all the time. Lastly, have as much time as possible to relax and get errand assistance from your family or friends, and most importantly keep positive thinking, are some of the things that can greatly help you avoid depression during pregnancy. Keep in mind that your health and the health of the tiny little angel inside you is a real blessing, not every woman has the opportunity of having, are the most important of all.


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